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Prop 218 St. Lighting Maintenance Assessment Ballot Proceedings Notification (CD - 11) 013018 3

Posted on 02/20/18

This is to notify you that we are processing the following proposed Street Lighting Maintenance Assessment District.
In accordance with Proposition 218, we are forwarding the following projects to the City Council for adoption of respective ordinances and reports. Related hearings and an assessment ballot proceeding for each project will also be scheduled.
PENMAR AVENUE, from the intersection of Palms Boulevard to 120' southeast of the centerline of Palms Boulevard,
PALMS BOULEVARD, from the intersection of Penmar Avenue to 119' northeast of the centerline of Penmar Avenue,
If you would like the ballot for any of the projects listed above to be translated into another language, please inform us immediately.  The Bureau will attempt to honor all requests for another language provided a translator is accessible.
Per legal requirements of Proposition 218, The Bureau of Street Lighting is not allowed to campaign for any proposed lighting district.  However, the Council Office is permitted to campaign. Please inform us if you would like to arrange a community meeting for your office to discuss the importance of lighting to the affected property owners. Bureau staff would be more than happy to provide you with all the projects details and assist to answer any questions at the meeting.
If you wish to obtain detailed information about any of the above assessment districts, please contact Ruben Flamenco at (213) 847-1431.
If you wish to arrange for a community meeting regarding any of the above assessment districts, please contact Asaad Alnajjar at (213) 847-1432.
(See attachment for Lighting District Area Map and affected property owners)


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